Our process starts by reviewing your desired goals, theme, and objectives to help determine key production options. We then create a production plan with you that covers the shots (storyboard),budgeting, and scheduling. Throughout the production process, we share progress and video screenings that allow you to see your vision progress and adapt to the changes you want. We can provide complete film production services or work with other companies as part of a co-production team.

Creative Concept

We listen to your goals, story, and concepts to help you understand critical options, timelines, and budgets. Create story boards and other media that help you to show others plans for your movie.

Funding and Distribution

Help you to prepare documents and introduce you to film funding investors and distributors. We explain distribution agreement terms and average revenues from movie theaters, network, Internet TV, and other distribution options.

Production Planning

Creating shot lists, budgeting, and scheduling. We review your script and creative desires to advise you on the time
requirements and cost-effective ways and locations to shoot.

Location Scouting

Our experienced scouts can find locations that match your requirements and negotiate filming agreements.

Permits and Permissions

We identify and get required permits of all kinds along with necessary release forms.


Identify filming requirements, set up on-site offices and logistics, and gather everything necessary for successful shoots.


Put together production teams of skilled professionals. This crew is typically a mix of our experienced staff and other professionals. We can manage labor, non-union, and union requirements.


Help to identify acting talent, organize casting sessions, contact and negotiate with actors and their agents, and work with well-connected casting directors. Coordinate talent schedules through call sheets

Equipment Use and Rentals

Identify needed equipment and reserve a mix of our equipment and other equipment rentals if required.

Stages and Studio Rentals

Either use our studios and sets or reserve other soundstage and studio rentals.

Production Office Rentals

Get production office space for talent and production crews.


Find and manage caterers to keep your talent and crew fed, happy, and meet union requirements.

Travel and Transport

Setup transportation arrangements and advise you on the most cost effective travel deals & options.


Book short (hotels) or long-term (apartment) accommodation.

Special Effects (SFX)

Use our staff, partners, or get other consultants to make the effects in your film amazing.


Run the shoots using our facilities, teams, or co-production services.


Provide you access to scenes and video footage produced and review change requests and options.


Stock video, editing, music selection, and licensing negotiation, and creation of the film master.

Promotion Media

Posters, trailers, descriptions, and other media used to sell, promote, and distribute your film.

Theatrical Distribution

Use distributors and work to get direct movie theater distribution.

Network Distribution

Pitch to networks or help you with your film sales pitch.

Internet TV Distribution

Convert your film into formats for online distribution to NetFlix, Roku, Amazon Prime, Mobile Apps, and other web TV providers. Use our established online movie channels, or we can help you to set up your own Internet TV distribution channels.

This growth is creating good jobs for Ontario film and television workers.

“20 Stages:  10,000 –  80,000 sq.ft.  +  300,000 sq.ft office  +  support”

First 1

SUPER STAGE  80,000 sq. ft.

Dimensions 250 x 300 sq.ft.
Height 35 ft to grid
Swing Doors
Loading Bay
Concrete Floor
Emergency Door
AC 2 units with chillers
Electric permanent cable trays
from panel to studio
interior boxes

First 2

STAGE 2 + 3  50,000 sq. ft.

Dimensions 250 x 200 sq.ft.
Height 35 ft to grid
Swing Doors
Loading Bay
Concrete Floor
Emergency Door
AC 2 units with chillers
Electric permanent cable trays
from panel to studio
interior boxes

First 3

STAGE 4 + 5 + 6   20-15,000 sq. ft.

Dimensions 150 x 100 sq. ft.
Height 35 ft to grid
Swing Doors
Loading Bay
Concrete Floor
Emergency Door
AC 2 units with chillers
Electric permanent cable trays
from panel to studio
interior boxes

Ontario’s Thriving Film and Television Industry


November 15 2018
Ontario’s film and television industry is thriving. Thanks to the province’s world-class talent and crews, cutting-edge
studios and a diversity of film locations across the province, Ontario has been home to Hollywood blockbusters and
Canadian success stories. Major productions have included films such as The Shape of Water, Suicide Squad, and
Stephen King’s It; television shows such as Suits, Star Trek: Discovery and The Handmaid’s Tale; and Canadian
productions such as Kim’s Convenience, Murdoch Mysteries, Indian Horse, The Tragically Hip: Long Time Running,
and Cardinal and Carter, both filmed in North Bay.

The province’s film and television production capacity is growing, with expanded facilities like the new William F. White
International Inc. location in Northern Ontario and new studios in development including:

•Pinewood Toronto Studios’ expansion;
•Cinespace Film Studios’ new facility at Toronto’s
Marine Terminal 51;
•The 500,000 square foot Markham Movieland;
•CBS Television Studios’ new Mississauga location.