A haven of culture and technology, propelling the City of Markham
into a new era and supplying producers with much needed soundstage space.

The Future in Markham

Made in Markham. Entertainment, Sports and Culture
All poised to support new business and population growth.
The City of Markham manages significant cultural assets and provides an array of programming for residents and visitors. The long-term strategic development and management of these assets, in addition to fostering community-based cultural assets, are crucial to the City’s success as a welcoming, livable and prosperous place. Culture is linked – socially and economically – to the broad policy directions for Markham as a globally competitive, sustainable and creative community.
As such, Markham has created a vision for culture as:

1. an integral part of the community;
2. a way to celebrate cultural diversity; and
3. a means to contribute to its economic strength.

Canada’s Hi-Tech Capital

The City of Markham has over 1,100 technology and life-sciences companies,with IBM as the city’s largest employer. A number of multinational companies also have their Canadian headquarters located in Markham, including:
Honda Canada, Hyundai, Advanced Micro Devices, Johnson &
Johnson, Avaya, IBM, Motorola, Oracle,Toshiba, Toyota Financial Services.
Mayor Scarpitti states “We are the home to the largest ICT sector concentration per population in Canada.”
York University will be opening a new campus in the downtown core to facilitate thousands of students in Markham.
Markham has the lowest industrial and commercial tax rates in the GTA, and approximately 60% of the residents have a post-secondary education.
2018 marked the official opening of GM’s new Canadian Technical Centre, further solidifying Markham’s position as the high-tech hub.

Markham is a Haven for Commuters

Markham through York Region Transit (YRT) has implemented a
transit system called Viva to ease the strain on the region’s
congested roads. Viva is similar to YRT but is used as an express bus service with the ability to change traffic signals to help reduce delays. The YRT is also planning to build a transit terminal near Cornell soon.
The planned Yonge Subway Extension [YSE] is a cross-jurisdictional project from the City of Toronto into the City of Markham, City of Vaughan and the Town of Richmond Hill.
The YSE extends 7.4 kilometres north from Finch Station in Toronto to the Richmond Hill/Langstaff Gateway Urban Growth Centre at Highway 7.
This critical rapid transit link will include five stations at Cummer/Drewry, Steeles, Clark, Langstaff/Longbridge and Richmond Hill Centre.

Hollywood North, China & Bollywood have found a new Vision

Let’s build what’s necessary to encourage a
stronger economy.

The City of Markham has also been attracting film and television producers who have made parts of a number of movies and TV series in Markham.
After exploring the GTA for 10 days, Producers Foucard and Sicot of Elegoa Productions decided that Markham was the perfect place to shoot. There was simply no other place to create their film. They travelled streets on foot, by car
and even by public transit and discovered that questions they wanted to ask about suburban life are being answered every day by the community here. “Markham is a phenomenon. Bosson was fascinated by it,” says Sicot. “Not just because it’s diverse here but because Markham is made of several communities that are united primarily by a suburban culture.”
In light of this, we feel that now is the perfect time to create a more permanent LIVE film, tv and digital production facility. A facility that can both service local needs and entice additional full scale, mainstream international productions.

Motion Picture Industry

Movie theatres continue to draw more people than all
theme parks and major U.S. sports combined.

Overall, the film industry continues to thrive, but in a different manner than historically. Content is still in high demand, but is being distributed to new and growing channels. Consequently, those companies that have the financing and the ability to produce successful movies will thrive in these new times. • Expansion of International Markets: International box office ($18.3 billion) made up 65% of the worldwide total, while domestic ($9.8 billion) made up 35%. International box office in U.S. dollars has grown 17% in the past five years. • Expansion of New Format DVD Market: Revenue growth has
been fuelled by the home video market. In 2003, US consumer
purchases of DVDs and rentals of VHS/DVD titles exceeded movie ticket purchases for the first time. While DVD sales declined by 9% in 2008, bringing overall home video spending down 5.5% to $22.4 billion, Blu-ray disc revenues increased threefold to $0.75 billion. • Importance of Secondary Distribution: Secondary distribution channels such as pay-per view, television, satellite and Internet are becoming increasing important as film distribution channels. • Digital Cinema
Screens Expanding: Worldwide digital screens increased 33%.