First Studio Toronto offers complete services for all types and sizes of productions – large scale blockbuster feature films, scripted network/streaming, television series and smaller budgeted films and tv productions.

The latest Toronto studio complex will span over 20 acres. Purpose built stages for the most demanding films and television productions arriving from anywhere in the world.

First Studio Toronto is a one-stop creative, educational campus with advanced technologies and global connectivity. Full-service production facilities will provide solutions for every imaginable need across all types of projects and an exceptional selection of diverse spaces with a wide range of services on site to ensure your production is one for the Hollywood awards!

Who We are

Q: Who is “First Studio Toronto”?

First Studio Toronto is a strong and experienced leadership team with decades of experience in the film, production, television, digital and studio space. Worldwide hands-on expertise including Toronto to Los Angeles.

Q: How large will the development be?

First Studio Toronto will span over 800,000 square feet. It will have the single largest purpose-built soundstage called “Super Stage”, at over 80,000 square feet (7465 m²). Largest in North America.

Q: When is construction and development expected to begin?

Spring of 2021.

Q: What kind of programs with the studio offer?

First Studio Toronto will be a unique Experiential Learning Lab providing a state-of-the-art media technology environment allowing for a high-impact educational complement to existing High School, College and University new media, broadcasting, film, video production, animation, gaming, VR / AR, and emerging entertainment technology programs Students will be able to apply new skills in a real-world environment and develop client-driven projects and services preparing them for enhanced career success for both domestic and international students.Working with both high-schools and PSE, First Studios will custom fit studio and lab environments to match curriculum and program learning outcomes.

In addition, First Studio Toronto will provide:

• Unique Internship Opportunities and Career Matchmaking Sessions\
• Start-up space and business supports for new media entrepreneurs
• Master Classes with some of the biggest names in media, film and TV from Canada, The United States,            and around the world
• Professional Development workshops packages for mid-career, career transition, and skills upgrading
• Intensive Special Interest Evening and Weekend Boot Camp seminars in Film, TV and Livestreaming

Q: How will this development benefit Ontario and attract film production?

This development will increase production space for local and international films that will attract Hollywood, China and Bollywood while continuing to support high-paying skilled jobs in the City of Toronto.First Studio Toronto will also play an integral part in the community, celebrate cultural diversity and contribute to the economic strength of Canada’s film and entertainment industry.

Q: What is First Studio Toronto’s competitive advantage compared to other studios?

This space will be key to help scale film and production in Canada in the Province of Ontario, that is the epicentre of Canadian film and television. We’re confident in the new business model and believe it has what it needs to be successful in attracting and retaining film production.Overall, the film industry continues to thrive, but in a different manner than historically. Content is still in high demand but is being distributed to new and growing channels. Consequently, those companies that have the financing and the ability to produce successful movies will thrive in these new times.

A truly unique and exceptional Studio Concept for Toronto and Canada!


First Studio Toronto will house over 800,000 sq. ft. of studios, backlot, office and support services.