A haven of culture and technology, propelling the City of Markham
into a new era and supplying producers with much needed soundstage space.

Over 500,000 sq. ft. of studio, backlot,
office and support services

Featuring 20 state of the art sound stages for TV and feature film production

World’s largest single purpose sound stage at 80,000 sq. ft. or 7432. m²

Los Angeles Daily News

Hollywood production is booming, but are there enough soundstages to support it?

“It’s a challenge forus, but it’s a challenge we’re very happy to have. It means that filmmaking’s coming back, and it’s coming back
in a large and
significant way.”

– Kevin James, director
Los Angeles Mayor’s Office 

“Anybody in the studio business who says “I’ll just build more,” well no you won’t because there is no where to build it.”

– Alton Butler, chief executive,
Line 204

“Over 90 percent occupancy means that there’s not a lot available for folks who might be coming in to visit or for features even, at this point. So it’s created quite a crunch in the industry. They’re now looking for where they can expand those resources.”

– Paul Audley, president of the region’s main film office Film L.A

First Aid

This new soundstage in Markham, Ontario will provide film
and tv producers the space they want and need in Canada.

The fight for desperately needed studio space anywhere in the world is far from over.

Canada has world-class locations for filming, a highly skilled workforce, competitive tax incentives and leadership from a Mayor like Frank Scarpitti in Markham who intuitively understands the value of the film sector.

Policies that allow us to continue filming in Canada, and to grow the industry and create more jobs in the future is imperative. Cities like Markham, Ontario just minutes from Toronto continue to collaborate with industry leaders to develop and build studio space such as First Studio City.

Last year, Toronto’s film industry generated about 2 billion in economic activity.

“The growth of our city’s film industry will be limited if those of us employed in the film business cannot maintain and expand space for film and television production. But it’s not enough to stand still: we must grow and advocate to ensure new studios get built” 

– Mayor Tory, Toronto Star, April 2018

Studio Size Matters

More capabilities with over 500,000 sq.ft

Upon completion First Studio City will have over 500,000 sq. ft. . The property located at 7500 Birchmount Rd. in Markham, Ontario will encompasses over 20 acres which will also house the single largest purpose built soundstage in the world at 80,000 sq.ft. This includes an all encompassing production support facility alongside the 20 soundstages.

“The response has been tremendous,” said Frank Sicoli, who along with partner Dominic Sciullo are the brains behind First Studio City in Markham, Movieland. The project was to fulfill the demand for facilities and workers in the sector that is outstripping supply. Hamilton, Ontario born Sicoli added, “producers are excited about our Markham SuperStage which will accommodate one blockbuster production, two major feature films or seven mid-sized feature films simultaneously.” The sophisticated, state-of-the-art renderings pictured of the massive 500,000 square foot campus were revealed in April 2019 as part of the First Studio City Charity Gala.

First Support Services

We make your studio experience effortless.

The First Support Services will house a variety of business to cater to your production requirements without the need to drive into Toronto. Now there’s no need to concern yourself with all the necessary support surrounding your production. First Studios will have an assortment of support services from camera and lighting rentals, carpentry shops, truck rentals, wardrobe, make up, craft services , post production and more all on site.